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Donation Gifts | Policy

Deaf Discover Jesus is a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation.
You can Donate and Support our Vision by several Options.

By Cheque | Invoicing | Bank Deposit | Paypal | World Missions AOG |

1.By Cheque

Overseas Cheques need to be more than US$50 as we do have to pay for Bank Fees to clear cheques.

Make Cheque Payable to Encouragement Enterprises Inc.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 956

Reynella, SA 5161


2. By Invoicing

Email using the Contact Form below or direct to our Email: 

Info we need: your email address, the amount you wish to donate and name and address of Donor.

We will then forward you an Email Invoice through Paypal, for secure Online donations. You don’t need a Paypal account yourself.

3. By Bank Deposit

 Direct Deposit into our Bank account (Email us and we will forward you our bank details)

 4. By Paypal – from your Paypal account to our Paypal account

Deposit fund from your Paypal account to ‘Deaf Discover Jesus’ Paypal account.

How to Instructions:


  • Email Invoice – provide your email address, we Email Invoice you via our Paypal account.

Paypal will accept funds from your Paypal balance, Bank account or Credit or Debit Card

5. Through the Assemblies of God World Missions.rms

 Instructions coming…


Donation Gifts Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Encouragement Enterprises Inc. Policy

Short description:    A policy on the acceptance and management of donations.

Association Number:   A 4000

Date of Incorporation of the Association:    14th October 2003

Governed by a Board of Directors and  Responsible Officers, members’ names can be supplied on request.

Responsible Government Office:   
        A.C.T. Government, Ministry of Justice and Community Safety, Office of regulatory Services,
        Incorporated Associations Register

Reporting and Auditing:   Annual Returns – An incorporated association must lodge an Annual Return form with the Office of Regulatory Services. Included in the Annual Report is an audited statement of the association’s accounts including a copy of the auditor’s report in relation to those accounts.

                 Related legislation:  Associations Incorporations Act 1991
                 Income Tax and Assessment Act


1. “Donation” means a contribution that voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation or benefit flowing from the giver to the receiver.  A donation is a transfer that is motivated by detached or disinterested generosity or out of affection, respect, admiration, charity, or similar impulses. Generally, donations are irrevocable, and beyond a possible designation of use, the donor does not impose contractual requirements or subsequent reports as a condition of the donation.

 2. Donations are accepted by Encouragement Enterprises Inc. (EEI) on behalf of Global Deaf Vision (GDV) to further the objects and purposes for which GDV was set up, consistent with the objects of EEI and GDV.

3. A donor may designate a donation to be put to a specific purpose. All of those funds will be put to that purpose, deposited within 24 hours in the proper account, and an official receipt issued, with acknowledgement  sent to the donor.

4. DONATION RECORDS.  EEI shall oversee the receipt, recording, depositing, and acknowledgment of donations.  Annual reports based on an independent audit of accounts are submitted at the end of each calendar year to the Australian Capital Territory Office of Regulatory Services as required by Law for Charitable Associations. 

5. EEI  actively solicit donations from individuals, churches  and foundations, and other entities to help fulfil its mission of teaching, learning, promotion of Deaf missions endeavours globally.  

6. TAX DEDUCTIBILITY.  EEI is not registered as a tax exempt organization, so no ta benefits accrue to donors.  In recognition of EEI’s charitable nature the Australian Tax Office refunds GST paid with GST collected from sales deducted.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY:  EEI Executive Directors are accountable to their Board of Officers, who supervise the activities and authorize expenditures of EEI staff, being accountable to the ACT Office of Regulatory Services to conduct the affairs of EEI according to the relevant Acts of Parliament.

Dated: 7th July 2011