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Global Vision

We have a Global Vision to network Deaf church planters with missions-minded hearing churches to reach the 364 million Deaf on the planet. Only the Deaf can reach this Unreached People Group, but they desperately need proactive hearing churches with a missions vision for the Deaf to support, encourage and help them reach their own people!

Hearing churches can empower Deaf evangelists, pastors and workers, partner with them financially, and encourage them to reach their own people group. Without this help from hearing churches the Deaf lack the financial means to keep up the sustained effort needed to plant churches and train pastors and workers.

Although some of our Deaf evangelists in remote areas are remarkably energetic, courageous to go anywhere, willing to put up with almost any conditions, their numbers are too small, and the difficulties of reaching thousands of kilometres from their home base are too great. To make a significant impact they must have help from hearing churches.

Please consider including ministry to the Deaf in your annual missions vision and budgeting. Your Donations will help the deaf impaired around the world to grow in their spirituality¬†and be enriched with Jesus’ abundant life and divine purpose.

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