Visual Deaf Ministry Resources In Multiple Languages

Deaf Missionaries Are Unique

Deaf Missionaries have a Deaf World Vision (DWV) that is far beyond their capacity to fulfil.

Their Vision embraces the last people group on earth to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Good News that God loves the Deaf goes against the prevailing idea that Deafness is some kind of punishment, it isn’t!

Deaf Missionaries are inspired to go to other nations and places and visit their brothers with the Good News. When a Deaf Missionary arrives at a new place he is welcomed like a long lost brother and is immediately accepted because of his Deafness.

Deaf Missionaries learn the local Deaf sign language within days, and are able to teach and preach Christ within a few weeks. The nature of the Deaf unites them across language, culture and religious barriers. Deaf missionaries find the unique Deaf in other nations who are called to go to on to reach the Deaf in other nations.

The Deaf are welcomed as one of their own compared to hearing missionaries who are never fully accepted in the new culture, never fully learn to speak the local language, and are always seen as someone from another place … an implant from a foreign culture and religion.

Hearing churches everywhere should be proud to send out and support Deaf Missionaries. Only the Deaf can reach the 364 million Deaf in the world. God loves the Deaf. God is calling Deaf missionaries to go to the Deaf in the largest Deaf nations, India with 90 million Deaf and China with 75 million Deaf.