Visual Deaf Ministry Resources In Multiple Languages

Implementing Deaf Mission Vision

So much can be done immediately to release Deaf Missionaries, Deaf Workers and those who called to reach the Deaf World by the participation of hearing churches pastors and Christians.

When a hearing church understands that among them are Deaf with a world vision, they can release them to go! Once a Deaf person who has the call of God visits another nation, and finds he or she is welcomed like a long-lost brother or sister, they are a potential church-planter and evangelist. All they now need is support from a hearing church. All the support a hearing missionary would receive is what is needed.

The Deaf can reach the Deaf. And a Deaf Christian who goes to another nation to reach the Deaf is welcomed and accepted, received and heard by the Deaf there, because they are the herald of a new dawn of significance and effective ministry to others. Just as in the natural world mobile phones with text messaging has changed their world, so becoming a Deaf missionary in another nation releases the Deaf Christian to be all God intended them to become and achieve.

Deaf are liberated and released when they reach out to other Deaf peoples.