Visual Deaf Ministry Resources In Multiple Languages

Significant Deaf Missions

Many Deaf Missions around the world are impacting their own nations and their own sign language group. Those Deaf missions within developed countries all have websites and can be Googled. There are fewer Deaf Missions who have a world-wide vision, to go beyond their nation’s borders, and to other sign-language. One reason for this is that without the support of hearing Pastors and Churches who share the excitement of what Deaf can do with a World Deaf Vision their financial means limit their vision. The result is that there is a small group of Deaf World Vision (DWV) Missions reaching out to a huge global people group.

The very effective Deaf Ministries International led by Neville and Lill Muir has done so much for Deaf all over the world – see They are continually hampered by lack of funds. Hearing churches need to see the unique opportunity to help Deaf reach the Deaf beyond their borders. Deaf can do it, but only if hearing churches, people and Pastors see the DWV that Jesus is showing many Deaf.  He is calling them to reach the Deaf worldwide!

Be one of those hearing people who release the Deaf to reach the Deaf for Jesus!