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World Deaf Conferences

The Fourth World Deaf Assemblies of God Conference is scheduled to be held in Kazakhstan, rather than in other developed countries. The main reason is to allow the 200+ delegates to see and meet and minister to people they would normally never meet.

Deaf in developed countries are treated with respect and assisted in many ways because they are seen by society as deserving of special deference because of their disability. In undeveloped and underdeveloped countries the disabled are seen as a burden on family and society. The Deaf there represent a depressed and disadvantaged group of people with little potential to help themselves or others like them. There is no recognition that Deaf are just like other people with their own culture and language, and have managed their one disability so that among them, there is no disability.

So Deaf Conferences, especially when located in less-developed nations, are the natural locations where a trampoline effect launches Deaf missions and is the most effective means to release Deaf to reach the millions in underdeveloped nations of the world.