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Marriage Deaf Manual

Margit Taks
«Kraеуgоlny kamen (Cornerstone Stone)» Saint Petersburg 1999

This wonderful marriage & family manual, rich in content and practical applications will enhance any married couple wanting to improve their relationship and is also available as a DVD Seminar (In Russian Only).

The 22 chapters are laid out in a clear and practical sequence, touching every aspect of marriage and family life. See listed below:

• Love – basis of the family
• Character of Love
• Courting and Engagement
• Marriage
• Building the Foundation
• Sex in marriage
• Sex in love
• God’s established order for the Family
• Role of the husband in the home
• Place of the wife in the home
• Four stages in family life
• Harmony in the relationship between a husband and a wife
• Communication
• Causes of disagreements in marriage
• Results of disharmonious relationships
• Process of reconciliation
• Forgiveness
• Prayer
• Christian home
• Divorce
• Family models
• About relationships with one another

The Prices Are As Follows:

Marriage & Family Manual:

English 9-00 dollars + Postage

Russian 200 rbl (= 6 Euro) + Postage

Mandarin 30 yuan + Postage

DVD Video – Marriage & Family Seminar:

Russian 200 rbl (= 6 Euro) + Postage